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Ruth G. Waddy

Ruth Waddy, LACMA.  Ruth Gilliam Waddy was born Wilanna Ruth Gilliam in Lincoln, Nebraska on January 7, 1909. She was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, living close to Minneapolis Museum of Art— inspiring her early love of art. She married William Waddy, had one child, and divorced him. She studied at University of Minnesota with hopes of becoming a teacher until the Great Depression urged her to move to Chicago for work as a domestic servant. Eventually, she relocated to California, meeting artist Noah Purifoy whilst working at a Los Angeles County Hospital. After developing epilepsy, she retired and fully committed to art well into her fifties, studying at Los Angeles City College and Otis Art Institute.  The Key , 1969, American American Art and Artists by Dr. Samella Lewis, published 1990, pg 113.  Waddy is known mostly for creating remarkable black and white linoleum prints containing stories that range from still life to everyday Black existence. In these typically small scale w

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